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Petosa is famous all over the world for the quality of the accordions that they provide.  The name generally assures a quality instrument.  This Petosa accordion is an acoustic as well as an electronic accordion.  The accordion provides the controls  for an external generator.  The decor of the accordion is striking and immediately commands the attention of the audience.

The instrument has three sets of treble reeds and four sets of bass reeds.  Of the treble reeds, there are two in the tone chamber, the Low (bassoon) reeds and the Middle (Clarinet) reeds.  It is a full size 41 key, 120 bass accordion; the dimension of the keyboard is 19 1/4 inches across the keys.   The keyboard is "fast".

The reeds are hearty; acoustically, the accordion "barks" (can be played loudly) with no evidence of choking.

Bellows are in excellent condition and provide firm compression.  There is no evidence of mildew or musty smell.

The accordion has two microphones; the microphone volume control is provided on the control panel (see photos).

The accordion can be played with an external generator tailored for this instrument.   The possible electronic sounds are implied by the photos of the control panel.  On the treble side, selections include: 5 presets, organ / flute sounds, piano, clavichord, violin cello, strings.  For the bass side, the chord selections include, piano, flute, strings, with a brush effect.  The bass/ counter-bass selections allow either (string) bass or piano.

External generators which are available come with or without a MIDI output port.   With the MIDI output port additional synthesizers/ arrangers can be controlled.  Also available is an external interface module, made by ELKA,  EK2000, with a MIDI output.  When connected to this accordion, the EK2000  external module allows the control of MIDI controlled synthesizers/ arrangers.    The EK2000 is the size of a large brick.

The electronic generators can be played with or without the acoustic accordion.  Conversely the acoustic accordion can be played with or without the electronic generators.

Many photos, taken in November 2006, are provided below to show details of the instrument.  The photos of the reeds/ leathers show that they are in excellent condition.  The beautiful decor of the instrument is obvious from the photos.

The accordion straps, bellows protection pad and the bass strap are in good to excellent condition.  The bellows retention straps are made of leather and are in excellent condition.  The quality of the bellows protection pad can be observed in a photo below.

Summary information about the accordion:

Weight: 30 pounds
Keyboard Length across the 41 keys: 19 1/4 inches
Keyboard alignment is uniform (see photos)
Bellows provide firm compression
No musty odor

Full 41 key treble keyboard
120 button stradella bass

Three Sets of Treble Reeds consisting of one LOW (L) and Two MIDDLE (M1, M2))
                 Register Selections:  Master (palm switch)
                                                          OFF - silences the treble reeds as desired. 

Four Sets of Bass Reeds - There are four acoustic reed selections and one OFF selection.
                                                   The OFF selection
silences the bass reeds as desired.


Click on a thumbnail photo to enlarge the photo

Petosa - Front View Vertical 190R.JPG (151857 bytes) Petosa - Front View Horiz 171R.JPG (127688 bytes) Petosa - Keyboard - Controls 180 R.jpg (56255 bytes) Petosa - Keboard - 185.jpg (61296 bytes)
Petosa - Keyboard - Deco Bot 176 R.jpg (66860 bytes) Petosa - Keboard Deco Top 175R.jpg (73832 bytes) Petosa - Bellows Pad 186 C R.jpg (85649 bytes) Petosa - Emblem 187R.JPG (60793 bytes)
Petosa - Controls- Registers 181 R.jpg (79107 bytes) Petosa - Controls-Registers 182 R.jpg (77987 bytes) Petosa - Control Panel Top 216R.JPG (72385 bytes) Petosa - Control Panel 0 Bot 217R.jpg (77260 bytes)
Petosa - Front Deco Bot 173R.jpg (164466 bytes) Petosa - Front Deco Mid 172R.JPG (106218 bytes) Petosa - Front Deco Top 174R.jpg (101306 bytes) Petosa - Bellows - Marking 205R.JPG (128857 bytes)
Petosa - Bass Deco Bot2 212R.JPG (131222 bytes) Petosa - Registers - Bellows 195R.jpg (112739 bytes) Petosa - Bass Deco Top 213R.JPG (84512 bytes) Petosa - Bass Reeds Overall 192R.JPG (58770 bytes)
Petosa - Bass Reeds Top 193R.jpg (90610 bytes) Petosa - Treble Reeds Overall 197R.JPG (64025 bytes) Petosa - Treble Reeds Bot 199R.JPG (90872 bytes) Petosa - Treble Chamber Reeds Mid 198R.jpg (87533 bytes)


Listen to the music  - recorded on this Petosa accordion in December  2006

 For the song, WAVE, the background drums, bass, etc, are canned music which is not produced by the accordion.  The WAVE melody is produced by the Petosa accordion and  is overdubbed over the canned music.

Song Title Play/ Download Format
Wave mp3 (1.1 MB) wma (0.7 MB)
Paris Skies mp3 (1.0 MB) wma (0.5 MB)
Long Ago and Far Away mp3 (1.0 MB) wma (0.5 MB)
But Beautiful mp3 (1.0 MB) wma (0.6 MB)
 Embraceable You -
performed  by  Brian Slosarik
 mp3 (1.6 MB)  wma (0.8 MB)
To Play: Double (left) Click on mp3 or wma
To Download: right click on mp3 or wma, then select "Save Target As"
Note that if your computer can play wma files, they load more quickly than the mp3 files.
If you have a Dial-up Modem, a 0.5 MB file will require to 2 to 3 minutes to load.