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Accordionists Performing in Northern California
We encourage you to support the performers playing the music and instrument that you love (well, if not love, at least you like an awful lot).  We want to publicize and promote the accordion.  An important way is to support the accordionists in the area.  Here's where they're playing.

Let us know of any performing accordionists that we can add to this tabulation.   E-mail

        Of course you cannot attend the private parties.  These are only listed to suggest that you also can contact these performers for your occasions.

Peter DiBono - Regularly plays at many events and private parties (415) 753-1502
                          More info at his web site:

                 Real Music is Live !!!

Reno DiBono   (408)252-3808
                     For Reno's website, click:
                        Call Reno for more info

Joe Domitrowich  For additional info,
                click: or
                         or telephone: (408) 255-1259

Don Garibaldi  Bio and CDs

Karl Lebherz  Music for all occasions: telephone: (707) 644-4577 E-mail:
                        For more information go to:

 The Internationals: for their schedule check their web site at:


Roberto Rosa -  Popular accordionist throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area
                           For more that 20 years, toured  the U.S. and Puerto Rico
                           Was featured at:
                                  the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention
                                  the Cotati, CA Accordion Festival
                           Currently appearing:
                           Fri & Sat 6:00 - 8:30pm at Buonarotti's Italian Restaurant, Lincoln, CA 
                           Check his videos on YouTube:
                           Contact Roberto at:  (408) 348-6970

Norma Zonay-Parsons with Tyane Boye (Bellows and Bow)
          Plays regularly at private parties
             (contact Norma at (408) 246-3073 ) 

Accordionists Performing Elsewhere in the  United States

Jerry Goodman - for more info click: jerrygoodmanmusic

OtoŮo LujŠn - for more info click: , and for more info click: 

Debra Peters - Austin, TX - for more info click:

Peter Soave - For more info click:

Stas Venglevski & John Simkus in Concert!  - for more info click:

Let us know where you're playing; send Email to: