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National and International Accordionists of renown are included here.  Of course space does not permit the acknowledgement of all prominent accordionists at one time.  Instead this page will periodically change to add accordionists, while deleting accordionists listed at earlier dates.

DickContino.jpg (19002 bytes)
Dick Contino


Legendary virtuoso of the accordion/ premier entertainer.
For biography and information go to:


guidodeiro.jpg (59072 bytes)

  Guido Deiro  

Guido Deiro, Pietro's older brother, was born in 1886. When he was nine, he began to teach himself the accordion and at fourteen started playing professionally. Guido made two records in 1911. Around the same time he performed in theatres all over the world, including Great Britain, Australia and Canada. During the 1920's he continued to record and played the accordion in movie soundtracks. He died in 1950.

  The web site,  is a fabulous web site and
  has much information and discussion about Guido Deiro and also Pietro Deiro

 For biography and information go to great web site:
 More information at:
 More information at:
  More information at:


pietrodeiro.jpg (37240 bytes)
Pietro Deiro

Pietro Deiro was the younger of the two Deiro brothers and was born in 1888. Under the influence of his older brother he began to play the accordion in Germany in 1905. In 1907 he moved to the USA.  He began recording in 1910 and one of his most famous songs "Pietro's Return" was recorded in 1914. He wrote many compositions, studies and transcriptions, and even opened his own publishing house. He is sometimes called the American 'Father of the Accordion' and died in 1954.

 More information at: http://www.


Anthony Galla-Rini.jpg (21143 bytes)
Anthony Galla-Rini

Anthony Galla-Rini,  much biographical information is available about this profound performer, composer, arranger, conductor, teacher whose contributions to the accordion are almost endless.  

Anthony Galla-Rini died on July 30, 2006 at the age of 102 years.   See: Memorial

Read more about him at the following sites:

alla-Rini Celebration (at that web site, click on Galla-Rini's 99th)
A book titled "A Collection of Lectures for Accordionists" by Galla-Rini along with other Galla-Rini music and arrangements are available thru MUSIC GRAPHICS PRESS in San Diego.


magnante.jpg (48374 bytes)
Charles Magnante

Admired by the accordion world for his perfection, technique, and artistry in his performances.  Often referred to as the "Worlds Greatest Accordionist".  A prolific composer and arranger of music for the accordion.  Outstanding in all genres of music. He continues to be an  inspiration to all accordionists. Read about him at the following links.

Article1 by Charles Magnante
Article2 by Charles Magnante
Article3 by Charles Magnante
Article4 by Charles Magnante
Interesting Anecdotes about Charles Magnante


frankmarocco2002_med.jpg (14554 bytes)
Frank Marocco

Frank Marocco -  was born in Illinois and grew up in the town of Waukegan, a suburb of Chicago. When he was seven years old, his parents enrolled him in a six-week trial program on the accordion.  At age 17, Marocco took first place in a national music contest, performing his winning solo with the Chicago Pops Orchestra for a huge crowd at Chicago's Soldier's Field.  Later he formed a trio which went on tour in several Midwestern states. During his travels, he met his future wife, Anne, in South Bend, Indiana. They were married in 1951. Together they decided to head west to make their home in the Los Angeles area.

Marocco organized a new group which toured the hotel and club circuit of Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Palm Springs.  Hollywood, close to the movie and the TV studios, offered many opportunities.  There, he was launched on an unbelievable career - the list of his credits is endless.  For more info, click



PSoave R.jpg (48729 bytes)
Peter Soave

Find his biography and much information about him and his music at:


vandamme2.jpg (40905 bytes)
Art VanDamme

Born April 1920, Norway, Michigan

Top jazz accordionist; inspiration for jazz accordionists around the world; continues to tour and perform; continues to amaze all who hear him perform by his phenomenal technique and unique style.  Find his biography and information about him and his music at:
Art VanDamme Web Site (check his CDs and Videos and much more)
Interesting Interview at Excelsior



StasVenglevski.jpg (49675 bytes)
Stas Venglevski

Stas Venglevski- Brilliant artist and composer/ arranger of music for the accordion.  A native of the Republic of Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, came to the United States in 1992.

Stas' astounding repertoire includes works by Bach, Weber, Lizt, Shubert, Rachmaninoff.  An international performer, Stas resides in Milwaukee and performs regularly with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's Arts in Community education program.  Stas is a Vice-President of the prestigious Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG).

Read more about him at: Stas Venglevski Biographical Information


Founders of the American Accordionists Association (AAA) - see if you can identify the accordionists in this photograph.  For answers click: AAA Founders

For more information about the prestigious organization go to: American Accordionists Association


More Prominent Accordionists to be added to this page. 

Andy Arcari Joe Biviano Carmen Carozza Ernie Felice
Myron Floren   Dom Frontiere Pietro Frosini
Tommy Gumina Bill Hughes Mat Matthews John Molinari
Charles Nunzio Leon Sash    

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