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Biography - For more than fifty years, Don Garibaldi has been an avid accordionist as a student, performer, entertainer, and recording artist.  He especially delights in playing Italian accordion music, the great music standard songs of the forties, as well as rhythm and blues, and show tunes.  Characteristically his music is happy music that gets your attention and makes you feel just plain good and makes you want to sing and dance (even if you can't sing or dance).

Don was born and grew up in Stockton, California.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology at Sacramento State University; and a Masters Degree in Sociology at the University of the Pacific.

From an early age Don loved music.  Could it be that Guido Deiro, who played at Don's baptism party, influenced him even as an infant?  Throughout the years Don was an enthusiastic listener and was inspired by the great accordionists including Guido and Pietro Deiro, Charles Magnante, Ernie Felice, Dick Contino, Art VanDamme, Frank Marocco, and many others.  Don's study of the accordion began in high school.  At that time he studied with accordion teacher, John Pisacco.  His teacher insisted on clean and accurate technique and emphasized the importance of feeling and expression in performance.  Don applied his training and developed into an accomplished musician.  While under the wing of John Pisacco, Don served as an assistant accordion teacher.  In high school Don formed a four-piece group and started his performing career by playing for parties, dances, and wedding receptions. 

During his tour of duty with the United States Navy, Don continued to perform as an accordionist.  When the opportunity arose he entertained at the Officer's Club at the naval base in San Diego, California.  Since his naval tour of duty, Don has been performing with many local musicians in Stockton, California, some of whom include Dr. Harry Gay and Bob Secor.

In addition to performing for festivals, parties and weddings, Don enjoys performing for accordion clubs in Northern California, including: the Good Time Accordion Club in Escalon, CA, the San Francisco Accordion Club (SFAC) - formerly, the Bay Area Accordion Club (BAAC), and the Golden State Accordion Club with chapters in Vacaville and also in Sacramento, CA.  He frequently contributes his time to play at health care facilities.  In addition he has also contributed a track from one of his CDs for a benefit CD to help raise money for Lodi House in Lodi, CA.

Regular Engagements: Festa Italiano and Festival di Natale for the Sacramento Italian Cultural Society; the POINTers Italian Organization in Northern California; the Stockton Chapter of Liguri nel Mondo; the Italian Benevolent Society in Sutter Creek, CA; the annual  Pippo Ranch Barbecue in Vacaville, CA; Sons of Italy in Napa, CA.

Other Interests: Like many other accordion aficionados, Don is a regular attendee of the Cotati Accordion Festival in Cotati, CA,  and the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Music Recording : Encouraged by friends and stimulated by requests from his audiences, Don began recording CDs in 2003.   He has done his recording at the NACNUD Studio in Lodi, California.  To date he has recorded four CDs, " Bella Italia ", and " America the Beautiful "and the two recently released CDs, "Bella Bruna" and "Don Garribaldi's Favorites".



For more than fifty years, Don has provided music for hundreds of occasions, such as dances, weddings, anniversary/ birthday parties, and festivals.  With this experience, Don knows the music that people enjoy; and has selected the most requested music for his CDs


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Bella Italia


Clips to Play

 1. La Campagnola/Clarinet Polka

 2. Pennsylvania Polka
 3. Giuletta Polka
 4. Flight Of The Angels
 5. Tic Toc Polka/ Mazzolin Di Fiori
 6. Romagna Mia/ Fantasia Waltz
 7. Oh Marie/ Vieni Su/
      Neopolitan Nights Waltz
 8. La Cumparsita Tango
 9. Al Di La/ Non Dementicar/
     Mala Femmena
10. Quando Quando/
      La Cumbancero/ Marina
11. Volare
12. Ciao Ciao Bambina
13. America The Beautiful/
      God Bless America


Don Garribaldi - accordion and synthesizer
Harry Gay - accordion on Tracks 1-7
Bob Secor - keyboard on 4 tracks
Tony Kay - mandolin and guitar
Bob Stover - drums
Rick Duncan - vibes

CDs are $15 each +  S&H
Note: CDs are discounted 10% for quantities 2 or more
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America the Beautiful


Clips to Play

 1. It Had To Be You

 2. Volare
 3. After the Lovin'
 4. All Of Me / Don't Get Around
     Much Anymore/ Satin Doll
 5. Leroy Brown
 6. Hello Dolly
 7. Just A Gigolo /
     I Ain't Got Nobody
 8. Johnny Be Good
 9. Mack The Knife
10. Peg O' My Heart/Don't Take
       Your Love From Me
11. Kansas City
12. Twlight Time
13. Ciao Ciao Bambina
14. New York, NY
15. America the Beautiful/
       God Bless America
16. Patriotic Medley


Don Garribaldi - accordion and synthesizer
Richard Miller - saxophone
Bob "The Monster" Secor - keyboard & Trumpet
Tony Kay - guitar
Bob Stover - drums
Rick Duncan - bass
Bill Stevens - guitar on tracks 4, 8, & 11
Jeff Redlawski - drums on tracks 3,4, 6, 9 & 12


Matt Brodie - on tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11. & 13
Roy Traglia - track 4
Nick Lemmo - track 6


CDs are $15 each +  S&H
Note: CDs are discounted 10% for quantities 2 or more
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Bella Bruna


mp3 Clips to Play

 1. Tutti Mi Chiamano Bionda

 2. Tango Of The Roses
 3. Just Because / Let's Have A Party
 4. Reginella Campagnola
 5. La Paloma
 6. Da Milan Fina Turin / Mazzolin Di Fiori
 7. Piemontesina
 8. Cezarina Mazurka
 9. That's Amore
10. Iupali
11. An Evening In Roma
12. Il Sirio / Vicin Il Mare
13. Beer Barrel Polka
14. Brazil
15. Canto Del Canerino / Quando Ero Piccolina
16. Sicilian Tarantella / Viva La Giga

                   Don  Garibaldi


Don Garibaldi - accordion and synthesizer
Bob Stover -
Tony Kay -
Richard Miller -
tenor sax
Harry Gay -
accordion II on all tracks except 9, 11, 14
Rick Duncan -
bass and vocal (track 9)
Matt Brodie -
vocal (track 11)

CDs are $15 each +  S&H
Note: CDs are discounted 10% for quantities 2 or more
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Don Garibaldi's Favorites



Tracks mp3 Clips to Play
 1. The Summer Wind
 2. Cherry Pink
 3. Moonlight Serenade / Sunrise Serenade
 4. Object of My Affection / Jealous / Elmer's Tune
 5. Moonglow
 6. Beyond the Sea
 7. Green Eyes / You Belong to My Heart / Love Me With All Your Heart
 8. Love
 9. Goody Goody / Marie / Bye Bye Blackbird
10. What a Wonderful World
11. Meditation
12.  Once In A While / Nevertheless / Dream
13. In The Mood / Boogie Woogie
14.  The Second Time Around / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / I Have But One Heart
15. Watch What Happens
 16. I Don't Know Why / Sentimental Journey / Let Me Call You Sweetheart
17. There's No Tomorrow / Arrivederci Roma / Return to Me / Spanish Eyes
18. Teach Me Tonight
19. Perdido / Tuxedo Junction / Chatanooga Choo Choo



Don Garibaldi - accordion and synthesizer
Harry Gay -
accordion II on Track 17
Bob Stover -
Bob Secor -
keyboard and trumpet
Rick Duncan -
bass and vocals on Tracks 13 & 19
Steve Homan
- guitar
Jon Smith - sax
Matt Brodie - vocals
Nick Lemmo
- vocal on track 10
Richard Miller - sax on Track 17



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